Status of Apple HomeKit Support

  • FlicTeam

    @hey-klodg what do you mean? The Hub LR now supports HomeKit.

  • Bought the new version expecting HomeKit since my previous version is a total brick with Wemo. Can’t believe it isn’t available. Tricky marketing. Glad I have the box these are going back.

  • @Emil apple should allow flic to do that, hue accessory does talk to their own app with extra features, why flic not allowed. it feels like one step going forward with home kit, 2 steps going backward. Silly

  • @Emil I backed this effort specifically to use my IR sensor with HK. I wanted to turn on my “dumb” systems with HK using the Flic Hub and IR blaster.

    Now that HK is here, I have lost all of the functionality I paid for... it’s like a really bad dream come true.

    Are you planning to address this in the future?

  • @Emil Thanks for your further explanation!

    I really hope they will give in to your efforts. Feel free to quote me if they request reasons. I know one of their internal mantras is to make all customers happy… so this issue is probably a good one to remind them of their own "rules". ;-)

  • FlicTeam

    @flow This is not really how we wanted to implement it in the first place, but it was a requirement from Apple to do it this way in order to get it certified. However, we are currently trying to convince them to allow us to remove this limitation in a future update.

    That said, you can still use separate Flic buttons apart from the Homekit-enabled button to control normal Flic actions.

  • @Emil Thanks for clarifying this. One question though… did they ask you to implement it that way or did they force you to do so? Obviously they want the user to use their solution (home kit app) instead of yours, regardless wether it is beneficial to the user or not.

    In my case it renders the homekit support totally useless. I got a configured working flic button that controls some Trådfri lights and a projector (IR remote). Now I was looking forward to the homekit support to include a smart plug that only supports homekit and as @davylondon mentioned, I wanted just to add Homekit devices to existing flic actions (inside the flic app). In my case said smart plug.

    So, @Emil, is there a way that you can extend the homekit support in that way, that we actually can control homekit accessoires inside the flic app and also mix them with existing flic provided features (such as IR or all the other 3rd party implementations)?

    Looking forward to a statement from your side!

  • FlicTeam

    @davylondon No, the buttons themselves know nothing about Homekit. Everything is routed through the hub, just like any action. Currently if you have assigned Homekit to a button you can't have any other action added though - this is something that Apple wanted us to do since they thought that made things more logical for some reason.

  • @emil You guys did keep it exciting, waiting till December to pull the rabbit out of the hat. My sincere congratulations, it must be a big milestone achieved for the team.

    Reading the instructions this morning, one worry starting niggling me, and @isolating just confirmed it.

    Is it true that the homekit integration is an either/or choice, so either a flic gets HK options but none of Flic's current platform, or the other way around?

    I had hoped that HK triggers would be added to the Flic platform and its current offering of options, but its indeed a homekit adaption, not integration.

    If the Flic button gets adopted by HK, I assume it will be unlinked from the Flichub and become an ordinary (but cool) Bluetooth button, e.g. like Logitech's pop?

    Does that mean you have to buy a Flic hub LR for a one-time adoption per flic and becomes obsolete?

  • @isolating Thank you! That worked great!

  • I’m keen to pair Flic with Home Assistant which needs a HomeKit pairing code. From what I can see the current Flic HomeKit implementation only works directly on your iPhone and with no visible pairing code. It would be great if we could expose the pairing code.

  • @leemorgan Having just set it up the process is as follows:
    You need iOS 13.3. or later on your apple device.
    Using the flic app, select your HubLR and then select the flic that you want to add to HomeKit.
    At the top of the options for that button should be a slider "Add to HomeKit", slide it ON
    You get a warning that this will overwrite any exisiting actions for that button, so agree to that.
    If this is the first time that you've added a button to HomeKit the app will then take you through process of adding your hub into the HomeKit ecosystem. As long as you Homekit account is the administrator for your setup this is just a matter of clicking 'yes' a few times.
    Once this is done the flic app shows the button as being connected to HomeKit. You cannot add additional actions (i.e. Non-homekit ones) to the actions for each button as I can tell, nor can you have some actions being HomeKit and some non-Homekit :-(.
    To set actions for the buttons you have to go into the HomeKit app and then select the flic. Don't try and go through automations, it doesn't work that way.
    Once you've selected a flic then you can select a scene, shortcut or accessory to control for each type of action (click, double click or hold).
    Hope that helps,

  • How can I tell which Hub I have?
    In the Flic app it shows Hub Firmware 3.0.2

    Ah, I found it on the physical device...
    I have a Flic HUB LR.

    So I guess the question now, is how to I setup HomeKit for the Flic?

  • @Emil ok. So I need a new hub :( And me who ordered 12 new buttons and no new hub on Friday...
    (Been a long time customer, bought my first flics in jan 2016 and backed the hub in June 2017 so am a tid bit disappointed )

  • FlicTeam

    @sessan we have only certified the second hub for Homekit

  • Is the first hub unusable for HomeKit? Been a bit to early adopter of Flic so mine seems to be too old :/

  • FlicTeam

    @b-bech-l now :)

  • @Emil - An update?
    "late 2020" is kind of here, you know. . .
    and as you said earlier, "the ball is rolling according to plan", which must tell us that the HomeKit stuff is coming in a few days?
    how accurate, and likely is that, @Emil ?

  • Good afternoon all,

    @Emil i am also eagerly anticipating HK compatibility since it was promised at the launch of Flic 1 hub, which I bought, and promised for the Flic 2 hub, which I also bought... So although sadly I am used to non-delivery of promises by now, I remain an optimist.

    Yet as 2020 is drawing to a close, now is definitely the promised "Late 2020" - unless you're planning a Christmas special.

    So, Any progress on Homekit developments?


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