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  • RE: Update firmware

    Hi! It should be updated automatically when connected to a network.
    It can also be done through the Flic app in Settings when paired with your hub.
    Let me know if it works!

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  • RE: Flic button tap sound option flag (in SDK)

    Using the iOS SDK you'll have to disable the sound through our app, we currently don't support disabling the sound and most other settings in an external app.

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  • RE: Android lock screen flic horror, even in 2018

    The Android designers don't like third party apps to unlock the phone. They are putting more and more restrictions over time, especially now with the 8 and 9 updates. Last time we got an email from Google Play complaining that we used the Lock/turn off the Screen feature in Android.

    Anyway, the only way we could solve this would be to be a HID device (like a keyboard), so we simulate Enter Enter which would unlock the phone unless you have a PIN or similar. But we evaluated that and came to the conclusion that HID works very poorly in Android if we at the same time would like Flic to be an ordinary BLE device usable by the Flic app. (It's like the OS takes over the device connection etc., and it interferes with other apps; for example they might hide the on-screen keyboard). However, HID works good enough on iOS so there we use it for a couple of actions.

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  • RE: Many, what is "standby"?

    Can you send a picture of what you mean with "X" in a box? Standby means there is currently no active ongoing Bluetooth connection to the button (although the phone might still listen for the button, waiting to connect, unless you have explicitly disconnected the button (blue symbol) or the button is not paired with the phone (red symbol)).

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  • RE: Flick hub and Sonos

    @marook Which kind of Sonos device do you have? The ones we test with at the office are Sonos Play: 1.

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  • RE: FlicHub configuration for HTTP request


    1. Right now, the only way to configure the hub and its buttons is through the mobile apps.
      However, we are working on a more programatic approach for this to enable people to create more dynamic setups, which will enable you to configure the hub without the use of a phone.

    2. Both HTTP and HTTPS is supported!

    3. I'm not sure about AWS Lambda, but if it has a HTTP/S REST API, you should be able to replicate this request with the action HTPP Request.

    Oskar Öberg

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  • RE: Flic single IFTTT

    Hi! We're super sorry for the confusion. Flic single doesn't work with IFTTT, only our regular Flic buttons do.
    Could you please send us the link to where you saw the confusing information? So we can update it as soon as possible!
    To apologize for the inconvenience, if you've purchased through, we can refund your purchase and we can give you a discount code if you decide to purchase a normal Flic. Remind us with an email ;)
    Thanks and sorry again,
    Nadia from Flic

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  • RE: Trigger Video Playback on Ipad?

    Our VLC action is mainly to control VLC players on (other) computers.
    Due to iOS limitations, it is not possible to launch another app from the background, so your suggestion is impossible.

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  • RE: Flick hub and Sonos

    Hi. You need to update to hub firmware version 1.4.1 to work with Sonos devices >= 9.1.

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  • RE: Connecting Hub to Hidden SSID

    Hi. We currently don't support hidden wifis.

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