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  • RE: Status of Apple HomeKit support?

    Hi everyone,

    We're sorry but it seems like there won't be a Homekit integration for now.

    We promised we'd look into it and we did. What we have seen so far is that it is not possible unless Apple makes changes and lifts their restrictions on their side, so we have no date for it.

    This is what we wrote on Indiegogo when we launched the campaign:

    Does the Hub support Apple ‘Homekit’?
    "HomeKit will not be supported on the Hub at launch. We think it's great they have created a more open community by removing the MFI chip requirement. As such we will explore adding HomeKit in future software updates but we can't promise anything at this stage."

    We're sorry for the delayed response and hope you understand!
    Let us know if you have any more questions/requests or ideas for alternatives at

    / Nadia from Flic

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  • RE: Flic Hub - Http Request

    @ap-iotbutton That means that TLS certificate validations are skipped, which should only be used for self-signed certificates that the system normally doesn't trust. Can you please tell me the domain name of the website you try to connect to, so we can check if a root certificate is missing?

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  • RE: Flic Hub & IFTTT


    Please follow this check list and let me know if this helped:

    • Make sure the Flic channel on is connected to the same account as used in the Flic app
    • Make sure the hub has Internet connection (check hub settings view and use the "test internet access"-button)
    • Try to delete a button from the hub and add it back
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  • RE: Action delay...

    Hi! This feature is only available in the phone tab in the Android app. Due to Apple restrictions, it's not possible for us to implement it on iOS devices. We'll let you know if we plan to add it to the hub tab as well!

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  • RE: Measuring pepsi with Flic buttons and Google Analytics

    Hi! Yes, I'm sure that could be possible.
    I've sent you an email. :)

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  • RE: Flic battery level

    We are about to include battery status in the headers from the Internet Request action, in the next version. Would that be good for you?

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  • RE: Flichub and Android API

    @restauraid-mx The hub supports up to 63 buttons to be connected at the same time. But as I wrote earlier, the buttons are then connected to the hub and not to the Android device. So that's why I wondered what you want should happen with the button events when the buttons are pressed.

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  • RE: Running the Flic Hub on an external battery

    Hi! We don't recommend using external batteries for the Hub because of the high current it can sometimes require while using certain actions. We recommend a source that supplies at least 1 amp of current.

    This said, you could try using an external battery such as one used for a mobile phone, but if you're using a lot of actions at once, the hub could turn off.
    Also your external battery might run out quite fast if it's a small one.

    Hope this helps!

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  • RE: Measuring pepsi with Flic buttons and Google Analytics

    Hi Jacob,

    This is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing. I'm sure this could inspire other users.
    Would you consider translating the article and publishing it in English? I'd love to send you a Flic button (color of your choice) in return. I'd also like to share it on our social media afterward, so let me know if you're interested!

    Nadia from Flic

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  • How to simulate keystrokes with Flic

    In this short tutorial, we show you how to use a Flic button to trigger keystrokes on your Mac, using the Flic Mac app and Keyboard Maestro.

    How to simulate keystrokes with Flic

    This tutorial will show you how to simulate tapping any key or key sequence on your keyboard on your Mac by just pressing a Flic button.

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