On iOS, disconnecting a button works but without messages.

  • On iOS, for some reason the flic objective-c library isn’t calling the delegate method when a button is disconnected. Anybody else had this problem?

  • FlicTeam

    Strange. I tested it just now on iOS 13.3.1 and it works.


    [button disconnect];


    - (void)button:(FLICButton *)button didDisconnectWithError:(NSError *)error;

    And you are sure that the delegates are set properly and that you are not accidentally calling on a nil-object or something?

  • Flic2Lib.
    iOS: The callback on is not sent when I manually disconnect a Btn. Works fine when going out of range.
    Android: works fine on both cases.

    iOS 13.3.1 Android 5.0

  • FlicTeam

    Can you tell me if you are using the fliclib or flic2lib? Also, does this callback not get sent when you manually call the disconnect method of the framework, or does it not get sent when the button goes out of range?

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