problems with power consumption

  • i used 3 new batteries within 1.5 months. if I understand that correctly, the button should get by with a battery for about 1 year and longer.

    The button is pressed twice a day. once to switch on the light in the evening and once to switch off when going to bed.
    so i don't think that this is excessive use, which justifies such a high consumption of batteries

    is there a technical problem (defect) or is it due to the "bad quality" of batteries? they were completely new and "durable" until the end of 2026. so not overlaid either.
    what batteries (brand, type) can you recommend that last longer than two weeks and come close to the promised runtime?

  • I changed the battery of 1 of my buttons after only 3 months. When looking at the battery, it was abnormally oxidized on one side. I replaced it and was able to get the 2 red flash upon pressing.

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