Toggle bluetooth connection on a specific device

  • Hello,
    I'm trying to configure 2 flics button to switch between my personal and my professional phone on my car but it's not working.

    I have configure 2 buttons. 1st is working on my personal phone and 2nd is working on my professional phone. Each is configure to toggle the bluetooth connection of my car. So in theory, I push the first button, it disconnect my personal phone from the car's bluetooth, I push the second button, it connect my professional phone on the car, I push another time the second button, it disconnect my pro. phone, I push the first, it reconnect my personal phone. Pretty simple in theory.

    The fact is, when I push the button, it disconnect the calls and media support but the car's bluetooth is still displaying as "connected" on my phone so of course, the second phone won't connect as my car only support 1 bluetooth connection. The connected status is persistant but the calls and media support is well disconnected and if I touch the bluetooth connexion on my phone, I have a message that's say the connection has ended and there, the connection disappear on the screen. Just, why it doesn't disappear just with the button ? What is the purpose of touching it by hand to really close it...

    So, the button doesn't seems to really end the connection, or maybe the phone don't stop entirely the connection for any reason, I don't know, but the fact is, it doesn't work with the button. Do you have any idea on how to fix this ?

    Thank's for your help.

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