Future of FLIC with new IFTTT plan

  • With IFTTT changing the 'Free Forever' plan to limit you to 3 recipes, that is detrimental to my home automation setup, and effectively wipes out my ability to use the FLIC buttons that have a very high WAF as they interact with the smartthings via a IFTTT recipe.

    Anybody have thoughts on IFTTT replacement, especially one that works with smartthings and/or hubitat?

    Is FLIC working on anything to fill the vapid void that IFTTT is creating by such a drastic change... Going from ~50 recipies to 3 is tough, but I pride myself on my use of devices / services that have the cost of perpetual use built into the cost of the device. Sure, more up front, but no monthly charges, I just can't see paying $50-150 per year for a service I have had for free, and with the understanding of 'free forever'.

  • @karajito did you look at the hub API beta for to integrate with home assistant?

  • I would categorise Node Red as a replacement. I've always had mine set up this way, where the flic buttons all do "internet" requests along the lines of "". Node Red then has an http-in node that picks this up and does something with it. In my case, it controls things in Home Assistant, but Node Red has add-ons for Smartthings and can control devices directly too.

  • @renruthpesoj said in Future of FLIC with new IFTTT plan:

    Anybody have thoughts on IFTTT replacement, especially one that works with smartthings and/or hubitat?

    After reading the news of IFTTT I decided I didn't want to pay NetFlix kind of prices for a few lines of cloud based code. So I completely redid everything on Home Assistant.

    Before I had IFTTT fully integrated with tuya, sonoff and flic among others and with the announcement of the paid service I completely shifted my platform to become more self reliant. And the good thing is, that I didn't have to hack a single device.

    I thought at first to have 3 IFTTT applets over multiple email addresses to solve my 60+ applet problem, but managed to integrate them all on Home Assistant. The use of http requests with Flic, helped me a lot to become completely IFTTT independent.

    Soon I will terminate my IFTTT account completely.

  • An alternative, not a replacement, thanks :)

    I've decided to go with IFTTT Pro. Paying 2$ per month, is IMO fair for IFTTT, specially with the multiple action support on Pro.

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