send the flic button and action in http request body

  • Re: HTTP 'apply default settings' and 'Flic ID' variable?

    Is there a way to automatically include the flic button id into the body of a http request and also the type of clic that has triggered the button?

    I have several buttons, and hate to create separate bodies now for each button when they all need to access my own raspberry pi. Would be nice if it could be done with default variables like $ID and $ACTION

  • The HTTP header does contain the following information: button-serial-number; button-battery-level; button-name. I agree it would be nice if it also included the button-action. I just put the info in the URL (eg flic/1/click) so I don't have to set a body. I then handle this in Node Red where I can specify the endpoint as flic/:from/:action and it pulls the parameters out for me automatically.

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