MS Flow using Flic. Identify the Flic pressed

  • Hello all, I'm setting up a Flow (Power automate) to send email when a button is pressed. For subject I want to add the flic button name so I know which was pressed. As we may have 50+ buttons at some point to add a When Button 127 is pressed do this. I have it set to When ANY button is press send email. Issue is the only options for Dynamic Content is the following
    Click Type
    Click Time
    Button UUID

    I thought using UUID could be done but this puts in non friendly display. instead of Room 127 it says test72a68105d1dd48a09e864f4...
    Is there way to convert this expression into the Button name setup in hub?

    Thanks for help

  • I found by creating sharepoint list with Easy names and the UUID I was able to do look up and match.

    Still having other issues, which is sad that may have to just return them. I'll try reaching out to support email address for further help.

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