Sonos not found, now no Amazon provider either?

  • I have been using two flic's to skip tracks, volume up/down and pause in the shower. I used an old iPhone plugged in close to the buttons. This worked very well for long spells. There were some instances where it timed out, was unable to access service etc, but in the whole, worked. Around 6 months ago, the flic able was simply unable to see any of the 11 Sonos zones on the exact same network. This was the same on multiple iPhones in the house, not just the dedicated one. My only work around was to use IFTTT Pro to trigger these events. This added a significant delay to the process, so not ideal, but did work somewhat.

    I hear today that the Amazon skill will solve this. My app is now on V 5.1.0, but still no Amazon listed???

    I have tried support about the Sonos issue to very little help, which was disappointing.

    I feel like I'm using a different service to everybody else!!!!

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