I would like to focus on an window and send commands to there. Case example Zoom

  • Hello hello,

    I have had flics since the kickstarter and I am loving the flic hub. Now I got exited about the flic2 universal hid keyboard since I can finally automate my PC :)

    I just received my flic2 and started playing around with the universal hid keyboard functionality. My goal was to 1. focus on a zoom meeting window and toggle the mute button. I got quite far but got blocked by what I believe are flaws on how the app allows me to configure what keys to press and how long.

    This is my solution so far but it falls short because I cannot configure the keyboard presses like I would like to.

    Step 1 focus on the zoom application "stack of windows".

    • Pin the zoom app on the task bar. I chose to put it first and this allows me to focus on it by pressing [win] + [1] keys.

    This part works! But since the first window in this stack is always the zoom app and not the actual call I cannot mute it yet.

    Step 2 focus on the actual zoom call window.

    • In normal keyboard I could keep pressing [win] key and press [1] once again to focus on the call window. BUT I could not find a way to keep one key down while pressing other keys. For example [win] + multiple [1]s (or tabs)

    • There is also an keyboard shortcut in zoom [shift] + [cntrl] + [alt] that would do the same BUT in Flic I cannot do this since I have to add one more key to this sequence (by default its [a]).

    So this is the part where I got stuck!

    Step 3 toggle the mute microphone button.

    • This is easy by simply pressing [alt] + [a]

    So in conclusion I personally would need either a way to only send [shift] + [cntrl] + [alt] buttons OR more universally keep pressing one button until a sequence is ended/ timer says so / until its released by other flic routine.


  • Update on this:
    I managed to create a workaround by using autohotkey program and creating a script:

    if WinExist("Zoom Meeting")
    WinActivate ; Use the window found by WinExist.
    Send, !a
    MsgBox, "Zoom Meeting" not open.

    I turned that script to executable with autohotkey tools, created a short cut with hotkeys [ctr] + [alt] + [z].

    Then configured my flic to send [ctr] + [alt] + [z] command.

    Now finally I can toggle mute zoom call even when focus is on for example on a excel or browser.

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