Alexa integration stops working

  • Hi, I am glad to finally be able to use flic to trigger my Alexa routines, all works extremely fast and well but after a few days since I first configured the buttons to launch some routines, they stopped working. I checked the routine and they worked if triggered manually but not from flic buttons. Checked on the flic hub and the clicks were received but still nothing. As a last ditch effort i disabled the skill from Alexa and then re-enabled it, which prompted a log in on the filc account and all started working again for a few weeks then rinse and repeat.

    It looks like either flic or Alexa are timing out the authorization for the skill.

    Any help is appreciated!

  • I'm having the same issue. Had to re-enable the skill after a very annoying debug session. This does not happen with other smart skills that I have.
    Can someone please resolve this? This seems quite basic and should not happen.

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