Bluetooth connectivity

  • Using Flic on a Nexus 10 with CyanogenMod 13 (Marshmallow). It works perfect but from time to time, the Flics are not connected anymore. In such situation it was helpful to disable Bluetooth of the device and to enable it again.

    I automated this on the device with the App Automate to restart Blutetooth each night. Since then I have no problems any more.

    Probably it would be helpful to have such a "reset" function right built into the Flic App somehow.

  • Experienced this as well. However I'm not sure about the root cause. I was thinking because of conflicts using multiple devices the flic May connect to. You are only using 1 device connecting to the flic?

  • Any news about this problem?!

  • I struggle with the connectivity too since I've upgraded my phone to android M :(

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