3D Printable Flic Holder

  • I just created a simple 3D printed holder for a single Flic.


    I keep one of my Flics in my pocket, it would regularly get triggered accidentally. Because of this I wouldn't use the single-click action, although my long-click would often get triggered as well. This holder covers the flic and leaves a large hole to press the button decisively, only when I want.

  • @gdufford
    Looks great! Thats what I'm looking for. Everytime when I've got my flic in the pocket the button gets pressed accidentally. Any way I can get this? Thanks.

  • Nice work! As much as I love my flics, this is actually one of the things that annoys me too. It's to easy to accidentally trigger the them when wearing them on clothes or keeping them in pockets. In the future I would love to see a "rugged" version of flic for sports / heavy duty work scenarios: a little bit bigger and sturdier, water proof, more robust battery lid that won't come off too easily, bevel like this around the "press area" to avoid accidental triggering (but you should still be able to press it with work gloves on), ability to lock it or turn it off and a much much stronger belt clip.

    Until that happens, I wish I had a 3D-printer so I could print a few of these. :-) How easily does the back cover come off? Is it strong enough to put some double sided tape on it and stick it to something like a belt clip?

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