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    Download the Flic App for iOS here.


    • 100Koll (Sweden Only)
    • Alarm Clock
    • Camera
    • Count Presses
    • Emergency SMS
    • Find My Phone
    • Flappy Flic
    • Flic Flyer
    • Global Music Control - NEW!
    • HTTP Request
    • Hang Up Call - NEW!
    • Harmony Hub
    • Home Button - NEW!
    • IFTTT
    • LIFX
    • Lock Screen - NEW!
    • Music
    • Native Camera - NEW!
    • Navigate
    • Philips Hue
    • Play Sound
    • Random Number
    • Runkeeper - NEW!
    • Safari
    • Send Gmail
    • Siri - NEW!
    • Snooze Alarm - NEW!
    • Sonos
    • Spotify (Beta)
    • Take Screenshot - NEW!
    • Timer
    • Tweet Selfie
    • Vibrate
    • Volume Control
    • WeMo
    • Yo
    • Zapier

  • I saw Microsoft Flow action in screenshots, but not in my iOS app (Version 2.2.9). What is the trick?

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Joacim
    For anyone that wants their iphone to make a telephone call with flic on iOS the way to do it is this.
    Set the Action to be Safari / Open a website with the URL of
    Hope that helps you!

    Sorry my mistake. This only works for flic tasks from the activation center. Using a real flic still asks for dial confirmation. My error.

  • @Emil

    Have your developers looked at iOS 11 beta yet? Do you know if the siri bug has been fixed? Thanks

  • @Joacim I would like to use a flic to control the standard iOS media player (or a different one like VLC) to jump to the next bookmark in a video. I have a simple bluetooth remote contol button which does this, but the buttons on it are too small. Can the flic do this? As far as I can see, the flic has a next-track function for music but not the equivalent for video?

  • @andre.rehnstrom Is that so? So I just use the iBooks feature on my iPad? I'll have a peek!

  • @macdonald.michael Works great with the iBooks "next page" feature, even in Keynote :)

  • @Joacim - PS: Love my four Flics. The White is used by my wife, and is a marriage saver with my home automation setup!!

  • @Joacim Any chance that your team will develop a Keynote action for iOS? (namely, Next Slide with one click, Previous Slide with double-click, and Hold goes to Blank Screen)

  • @Emil any progress on the Siri bug?

  • FlicTeam

    @volker We are also very sorry that Siri does not currently work in iOS 10. We are pushing Apple to fix the bug but they unfortunately don't seem to care that much... The bug affects all BLE devices that attempt to use Siri.

  • FlicTeam

    @NM19 On Android that's possible but not on iOS. On the other hand, our intention with using Flic as a camera trigger is to be able to take for example a group photo where you stand the phone a few meters away and then press the Flic in order to take a photo. Then you probably want to first open up the camera app anyway to see that everyone fits in the picture area etc.

  • is there a way to set up the Flic button to take a picture from the locked screen? Currently I have to have the camera open to allow the button to work which at that point i'd use the phone itself. It would be nice just to place the phone stand with your friend ns click the button from your pocket etc.

  • I just receive the ordered Flic (black) and I am deeply disappointed that SIRI can not be triggered therewith under the current IOS. This was the reason why I ordered the Flic button, since I want to trigger SIRI in my car when I have my IPhone in my pocket.

    Can I sent the FLIC button back for receiving a refund?

  • When SIRI will come for flip. I bought the button this week and Siri was the reason! I will send the button back to the dealer if it isn't work! Tnx for quick reply...

  • The chromecast-integration is pretty awesome, but it lacks support for speaker-groups/multiroom. Any plan to fix that?

  • @vjdjr0 said in iOS App:

    @Joacim Any idea when Apple will once again make Siri/Screenshots available again? (You might want to notate your list to show they're temporarily disabled.)

    What about this issue? The flip in my car is unused for month now!

  • @Joacim Any idea when Apple will once again make Siri/Screenshots available again? (You might want to notate your list to show they're temporarily disabled.)

  • I hope there is a way to answer phone or dial specific No .
    maybe there is a way by Launch center app ios !!!

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