Screen lock / unlock

  • I need Flic as a control button for a bicycle, to control screen of my android phone while riding.

    The map application I use requires a single press of the lock button to turn the screen on or off - is it possible to replicate this action with Flic?

    So far I've managed to find the screenlock function, but nothing to unlock it.


  • Hello, I have the same issue as Alek and Robert.
    Samsung S7 (Android).

    Shazam doesn't work when screen is locked.
    Google map navigation does not work when screen is locked.

    On the bright side, fart generator works when screen is locked, so all is not lost :)

    A screen unlock action would be great. I'm sure it is NOT included for security reasons.

    A pity, though.



  • Flic is a great button... I love it. Unfortunate I have the same screen-lock-problem as Alek.

    When pushing Flic ones it starts Google-Voice and I can ask every voice-command I like. Great, but when my phone has locked-the-screen, Flic just bleeps ones or Google-Voice doesn't work like it should. If the screen unlocks first my problem will be solved.

    A bad solution is to unset the screen-lock functionality in my phone but then my battery will go empty much faster and I could push buttons on my phone accidentally.

    Can someone help us?

    Cheers, Robert

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