Announcing Flic Cordova Plugin and AngularJS wrappers

  • Hi!

    I developed a Cordova plugin for Android and shared it with the open source community in GitHub. I received some contributions from the open source community which enhanced my plugin and added the support for the iOS platform. Please check the plugin at:


    I also created wrappers for AngularJS, so the plugin can easily be used in Ionic using a factory.


    Please also check the sample projects for both projects. See:

    • Cordova-Flic-Example for the Cordova Flic plugin.
    • FoosFlic for ngFlic, which is more than a sample project, but a full app using Flics to manage the scoreboard of a foosball table. By the way, we are using this app at work and having fun with it.

    I got a request from a user of PhoneGap Build cloud service to tailor my Cordova Flic plugin to work with that platform. That took some modifications and it finally worked in Android but I am struggling to make it work for iOS. Additionally, I haven’t been able to make it work for PhoneGap CLI 3.7 which was the request, but only from PhoneGap CLI 5.1.1 and forward. This is the sample project:


    Hybrid applications are a very good opportunity for Flic to reach more users and developers. Please feel free to use the plugin and contribute to them!

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