Intents / Tasker?

  • Has anyone gotten Flic to work with either of these? From my understanding, you can only send static intents.. so unless you have created an app yourself, the intent feature feels quite useless. Additionally, I bought a Flic to integrate it with Tasker, but it seems to only register in the plugin as a double-press, regardless of what input you actually do to Flic. My last ditch effort will be to try the recently released libraries, but it still removes a lot of features that I've realized Flic+Tasker isn't a thing, feels like a bust.

  • Hi all!

    I still have the same issue today...

    What is Flic official position about this bug?

  • Flic already has a Tasker plugin. I've been using it myself for a very long time.

    I have noticed a bug that doesn't allow double click and hold.

    It's because we detect if there is none or only a function on Click then Flic app will only trigger Click. This is to reduce the delay that is meant to detect a double click.

    This is in the backlog to be fixed.

    Flic certainly is extremely powerful when used with Tasker!

    /Amir from the Flic team

  • Yeah, the intents feature seems pretty useless the way it's implemented now.

    Integration with Tasker seems a bit better. I do have a problem that it always registers the one click profile even of I click twice or hold the button. When not assigning the one click I can use double and hold and this works pretty well.

  • I agree, I'd love to be able to trigger a Tasker task-flow with Flic. This would make it sooo powerful ..

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