• I can't find a possibility in the iOS-app to add Siri as an action to my flic.

  • This is really poor. The one piece of functionality that I wanted and you can't deliver. So much for being an early backer! Ive been waiting for this update for ages. In the end I bought a Satechi button that calls up SIRI. Its been on the market for over 6 months. Guys this is really poor. Have flic'ed my buttons off my desk and in the trash

  • @h.krapf unfortunately that sounds like you have one of the original flics. Did you get it from the Indiegogo campaign?

    The Flic app 2.0 update says...

    The new actions are not visible to you if you have one of the first Flics we created as these cannot be updated. Keep an eye in your email as we will do what we can to fix this for you

    Not great news I know but I hope I've helped.

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