Flic not connected

  • Hi,

    I am paring my Flic with a samsung S6 phone. It works as expected when connected. But somehow, it lost connection every now and then. I never has a stable connection more than a few hours. Very frustrating.

    Sometimes disable/renable bluetooth on my phone works, sometimes I need to unpair the Flic, sometimes I need to remove the battery of Flic.

    I have read on Amazon Reviews and there are lots lots lots of comments, reporting this problem. Anybody has the same problem here?

  • Same problem here. I have a Flic I want to use once per day, but every time I go to use it it is disconnected. Pretty useless...

  • Any of you figure this out? I still cant get any of my buttons to work for a longer period of time.

  • After put my flic aside for a few days. It magically becomes much more stable now. It has been connected to my phone for two days in a row.

    I am not sure what I did. I did installed a few BLE scanner on my device. Maybe the software got updated. I will report if anything strange happens or I found out the reason.

    Nice job, Flic! I really like the design and feeling in hand.

  • Yes i have the same problem. It never stays connected more then a few hours. The buttons looks to be out of range. The only thing that makes them work again is to push the button for seven seconds. Then it starts to work again. I have a huawei mate 8.

    The sad thing is that when i first got them it work allt the time. Now there is no use for the buttons anymore. Sadly...

  • Yes, I'm having the same problems with a Moto E. Connection is lost from time to time even if the button is close distance (a few meters).

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