Sleep action

  • I'd like to use a Flic to set up my phone for when i'm asleap. i.e. One button press to do the following:

    • Set my phone to "Do Not Disturb" mode (priority notifications only)
    • Set screen brightness to minimum
    • Ensure Android "Sync" mode is active.
    • Ensure Wifi is on and Mobile Data is off.
    • Activate Twilight (anti-blue-light filter app)
    • Maybe log my sleep time.

    Then in the morning, a double-press would ideally:

    • Disable "Do Not Disturb" mode
    • Ensure ringtone volume is up.
    • Set screen brightness to "automatic"
    • Turn on Mobile Data

    It seems I can do about half of these things, except:

    • Unable to set screen brightness to "automatic"
    • Unable to enable/disable "Do not disturb" mode.
    • Unable to override the master Mute/Vibrate/Sound toggle on my phone.
    • Unable to switch Mobile Data on/off.

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