Thank you for your help!
I got a syntax error but I managed to repair it with this code:

def got_button(bd_addr): cc = fliclib.ButtonConnectionChannel(bd_addr) cc.on_button_single_or_double_click = \ lambda channel, click_type, was_queued, time_diff: \ keyboard.press(Key.right) if click_type == fliclib.ClickType.ButtonSingleClick else keyboard.press(Key.left) cc.on_connection_status_changed = \ lambda channel, connection_status, disconnect_reason: \ print(channel.bd_addr + " " + str(connection_status) + (" " + str(disconnect_reason) if connection_status == fliclib.ConnectionStatus.Disconnected else "")) client.add_connection_channel(cc)

It works perfectly and it seems I don't need to release the key.

But it seems Windows Universal Apps don't recognize key presses sent by Python... Key presses are recognized everywhere else. Anybody knows why or how to get around it?

The next step to have a fully functional Windows integration would be to make the script work with Eventghost. I will try either by capturing the keystroke event and by sending http requests to it's built-in webserver. I will let you know!