Hi, I had this requirement and solved it by linking Zapier (Free account) (5 Zap limit I believe so if you need more perhaps not the right email option) and then using a service called Firetext (UK based) to deliver the text messages. And yes it works 👍 . You will need to pay for credits (the first 25 are free) £20 for 500 so depending on what you want this combination, as a way of using a flic button as an alert service, it works well. However!! Zapier is not instant so if anyone knows of a service that will email instantly I would be interested (I will keep looking). The reason I mention the delay is for those who are looking for a Panic Button Solution as the above combination can take between 30 seconds and a few (less than 5) minutes to deliver the text, the delay is with the Zapier free account, unfortunately. :( But if you need an alert as an email/text this workaround/combination is by far the simplest/cheapest I have found and it works :). Hope that's helpful for someone. regards Paul.