@Emil Thank you very much for the detailed explanation! While I am able to fix these problems using force-closing or updating myself, less tech-savvy users using my app might not. This was the main reason I wanted to display a button-connection status. I was already using the getConnectionStatus(), but I think using the FlicManagerUninitializedCallback will solve some of the problem's I'm running in to. It's also good to hear there might be a way to get pending connection info in the future. As for the problems with the updated app: It used to update and reconnect without any problem, but last update I was signed out of the application. I had to manually login again to get it working. I'm not sure why I had to log in again (this wasn't the case before), but after I did the buttons automatically started working again. (I am using FlicBroadcastReceiver and FlicButtonCallbacks to get click events.)