YES - I am 100% correct. The firmware is using DHCPREQUEST to test network connectivity. This is why the flic hub is sending out almost a 100 DHCPREQUEST packets a minute. Received a suggestion that I should try increasing the DHCP lease time. Well I first tried Zero(static), , then 1,440 (24 hrs), then I tried 99,999 minutes(That's 69.44375 days). This does not stop or change the rate of DHCPREQUEST traffic. (FYI - Depending on the DHCP or DNSMASQ version you are running the DHCP lease time is generally restricted to five digits.) When you disable DHCP on the network the FLIC_HUB immediately goes into an offline state. If you are using ethernet connection the flic hub now shows 'CONNECTED' with the IP address of It knows the NIC is physically connected but refuses to communicate until there is DHCP service. Why do I say this? When you disconnect the ethernet cable the status changes to 'Connect cable.' If you are using a WiFi connection the flic hub reports 'WiFi disconnected,' but it shows an IP address of Now if the hub has lost it's wlan connection why is it showing an automatic private address? That is because the access point it was communicating with still shows the flic hub as associated and responding to traffic control packets(RTS/CTS). So that only leaves ONE possible explanation. When the flic hub does not receive a DHCPACK it goes offline under the assumption that there is no active internet connection. This is WRONG! Maybe you need to implement a Network Connectivity Status Indicator(NCSI) similar to Microsoft has done with windows. This is not an isolated incident to just a SINGLE flic hub. I have FIVE(5) FLIC hubs sitting here in front of me that all exhibit the exact same behavior. It does not matter which type of connection you use, WiFi or ethernet, the FLIC hub uses DHCPREQUEST to test network connectivity. Now I was helping a friend troubleshoot their VoIP connection for a remote work setup using WiFi. NO, they cannot use ethernet. This person's landlord does not permit cables or cords of any type to be on the floor, even temporarily. And no taping to the floor isn't acceptable either, we asked. If the landlord finds that condition it is grounds for immediate eviction. What did I find? Two flic hubs broadcasting nearly 300 DHCPREQUEST a minute across a wireless connection causing congestion on the wireless network. So I unplug the flic hubs and the issue instantly resolves itself. So here is a prime example that this method is poor choice to check for internet connectivity. (Two flichubs? I don't wanna go it that story.) YES - This causes disastrous latency issues for gaming computers & consoles using WiFi. I quit counting how many times unplugging a FLIC HUB solved latency issues for gaming. Here is a list of switch and router manufacturers I can duplicate this behavior with. Ubiquiti Cisco Systems & Meraki Juniper HP Pro Curve Huawei Avaya Mikrotik Dell Netgear D-Link TP-link Zyxel Buffalo Technology Auruba Samsung Ruckus Networks Linksys/Belkin TrendNet Motorola Arris Does not matter which brand of router/switch/AP is used in conjunction with the flichub if DHCP is disabled the flichub will go offline without fail - guaranteed.