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  • These boards are new.. so hopefully this is the beginning of a vibrant community and I'm asking in the right place.

    I found Flic because I was looking for a simple bluetooth button that I could use to drive home automation. Flic seemed to fit the bill, especially with the implementation of the Linux SDK in response to the request for that feature.

    I have an RPi3 that is my test device, with Raspbian Jesse installed. So this is about as simple/straightforward as it gets - no weird bluetooth dongles to play with, nothing exotic like Arch - this should be the most straightforward works-out-of-the-box implementation possible.

    The instructions are included at the github repository. They are easy enough to follow, although incomplete for RPi3 - there a few additional libraries needed in order for bluez to build properly.

    The troubleshooting steps at the end were helpful and needed to get basic connectivity going. So that's all good.

    However, in the end, I was not able to achieve connectivity following the instructions. I went to create an issue on github, only to find after hours of debugging that the issues I ran into were already known: there are known problems with versions of bluez newer than 5.37, although this isn't mentioned in the instructions at all. So anyone following the instructions given will fail.

    I'm coming here to request that for Linux developers, an RPi3 has got to be the most basic out-of-the-box hardware that should just work. As in, it should be extremely well-tested that a new developer getting started following your instructions will have success. The barrier to entry here is extremely low - we can buy an RPi3 for about the same price as a single Flic button. So my request is to focus on the RPi3 as a "reference platform" and nail down that new developer experience to make it smooth.

    Then if developers want to branch out and go crazy with C.H.I.P. devices or Arduino or some other ARM or x86 platform and you want to support those too, great. But this is my request to please at least make the RPi3 onboarding experience rock solid. I expect you'll have a lot more uptake and people singing your praises if you can tap into the millions of RPI users and make them happy from Day 1 using your product.

    Thanks for listening.

  • I was thinking about how the newer Flic buttons allow for firmware updates. Since I'm assuming these would normally be done through the Android or iOS app, how would we handle these if we've got our buttons paired with a bunch of Raspberry Pis?

  • @Emil Hi, thanks you for your answer. So how does it works with the Linux SDK ? I suppose only "Single click" event comes from the button, isn't it ?

    thanks you,

  • @hafager @aytekcan The Linux SDK project is ready to go with the Raspberry Pi 3. The repo on GitHub's been getting updates even this year and I submitted an issue I was having and got a response within an hour.

    From my own experience testing it last night, it works with websockets using Node.js. There are a bunch of Python files in there, and I assume those are working too!

    I was running Ubuntu Server 16.04 on my Raspberry Pi 3 until I found that it has issues with Bluetooth drivers. After flashing the latest Raspbian JESSIE Lite, I had no further issues. Bluez is not required with the newer SDK.

  • FlicTeam

    @aconrad2 Hi. You can use Flic Single just like any other Flic with the Linux SDK.

  • Hi everybody,

    I'm a new user of Flic buttons.

    I'm using a Rapsberry PI 3 with internal bluetooth controler for other bluetooth items (Xiaomi Mi Flora) and a dedicated USB Bluetooth controler for the Flic service, and a Node-Red flow. It works fine for my only one button :-)

    I'd like to use some other buttons but... do you know if the Single Flic can be use with the Linux SDK ? Can the action be selected as I want with the Node-Red flow like a standard Flic Button.

    If I correctly understand the Single Flic button have only "Single Clic" event, not "Double clic" and hold on event.

    Thanks for you answer,
    Have a good day.

  • Hi All,

    Is there any updates on this project?

  • Hi,
    Same as @alex, I am curious as to what state the flic - rpi environment is in today.
    Is it easy to set up, or easy to work with using linux bluetooth api or abstractions of it through Python or similar? Is it possible at all without being online?
    Coding skills is not an issue.


  • Hi there,
    Is there any update on the ability to connect flics to a raspberry pi.
    it would open up a world of options for home automation.
    hopefully with some good step-by-step guides for us with limited code skills :)


  • FlicTeam

    @Anshur said in Flic for pi3..:

    @Emil Hi,

    I've been trying to make some sort of flic-to-LIFX bridge on my RPi 3, but my very basic coding skills seem to be insufficient.....

    So I was wondering if you were planning on porting a more beginner friendly flic app to Linux at any point in the future ?

    Thanks in any case.


    Yes, in fact we are currently working on a stand-alone application for linux where a lot of the functionality will be ported over from the mobile apps (LIFX included). I can not comment on a release date yet, but it is definitely a priority for us, so expect some news about it in the (not to distance) future :)


  • @Emil Hi,

    I've been trying to make some sort of flic-to-LIFX bridge on my RPi 3, but my very basic coding skills seem to be insufficient.....

    So I was wondering if you were planning on porting a more beginner friendly flic app to Linux at any point in the future ?

    Thanks in any case.

  • FlicTeam


    We have just released a new Linux SDK that should work great on RPi 3!
    Check it out at https://github.com/50ButtonsEach/fliclib-linux-hci

  • I would love if anybody would create a step by step tutorial for setting up flic on a raspberry pi 3.

    I'm not much of a coder, but I did purchase de RP3 in roder to turn it into a flic HUB for my LIFX (as the iOS app seems to have trouble reconnecting without relaunching the app after being away).

    Anyway, keep up the good work : )

  • FlicTeam


    I am the developer of the Linux SDK so I'll keep a look in this thread at regular intervals.

    A quick status update: Since I released the SDK in January I have not had nearly as much time as I expected to work with the SDK. I am thus very grateful that developers continue to report bugs and beta test the library. Instead we have been working with some very exciting improvements of Flic, some of which was released yesterday (The 2.0 release). As soon as this is also completed on Android I'll have more time to work with the SDK. Hopefully the new improvements will also be available on Linux.

    Regarding your request: we do indeed aim to make RPi3 the main platform. I recently tested it with the latest release and was able to connect 10 buttons without failure for several days. It's a good idea to try and lower the entry level even more, maybe by providing a installation script for Raspbian.

    Cheers, Fabian

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