Cordova Flic Plugin

  • Hi,

    Is there anyone using cordova plugin for Flic . I tried using it. It works with Android for now but the only issue that I found is, if you want to create an application that should work with FLIC button you need to install to FLIC app from Google Play as well. I think the button should connect directly to the app you ware developing.

    Please help me in this case if someone has already achieved this thing.

    Thank you

  • FlicTeam

    Our current solution is that 3rd party apps depend on the Flic app to deliver the button events (easiest is through intents). There are multiple reasons for that:

    1. We can provide a small simple open source library that is easy to integrate.
    2. The 3rd party app does not need to run a service in foreground mode (BLE connection apps need that in order to not be terminated while in the background).
    3. It simplifies when multiple apps wants to use the same button. Most important, the Flic doesn't need to have a pairing to each app (and force the user to run the pairing process).
    4. If we find and fix bugs or do improvements in our BLE code those fixes can be rolled out directly so that each 3rd party app doesn't have to upgrade their Flic SDK version.

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