"Offline mode"?

  • As I understand as off today the Flic app requires the user to login using a Flic account in order to use the Flic button functionality.
    I'm now contacting you guys to ask whether or not it is possible to use the Flic app (mainly the Flic chooser) without having to login. This since if I login with the same account on two different devices the paired buttons for device #1 will be seen in device #2's marked as inactive and paired with device #1.

    One solution to solve the discovery of other buttons is to create a unique account for every device, however I wonder shy isn't it possible to use the Flic buttons in some sort of Offline mode, why do you have to use some sort of identification key/credentials together with the app and the SDK?

  • FlicTeam

    @brainstimulationab What you are trying to achieve is not doable at the moment. You have to be logged in to the Flic app in order to pair a button the first time. This means that for the button grabber to work you have to be logged into the Flic app once the "Grabbing" occurs. I know that some people, like you, feel that this is not very optimal when building an app that is centered around the Flic button, but that is how the situation is at the moment.

    The idea from our point of view was from the beginning to allow the "grabbing" of the button to other apps in order to extend the functionality for our users. But I do realize that it can be a bit confusing for users coming from the other way around.

  • @Emil @anton you got any intel on this? Does every device need a separate account and the credentials some how stored in the device for the initiation. Just the credentials (in the SDK) is problematic to make a general build process with separate credentials for each device. Any suggestions?

    The current android application uses the Unity game engine and the Flic SDK for button integration.

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