What are Tasks?

  • There're two tabs in Flic: Flics and Tasks. What are Tasks? And how do they differ from flics?

  • Is IT possible to activate i task with a Flickr ord is it only possible from the app?

  • FlicTeam

    Actually I want to clarify that they are not only for "testing" the features. They can be used as a compliment to the Flic buttons for the times when you want to trigger features but don't have the button close by.

    These tasks can also be added as "buttons" to the Notification Center in your smartphone so that they can be reached directly from the lock screen.

    Lets say you have a Flic button attached to your wall that controls your lights. But if you are laying on the couch and happen to have the phone in your hand then it is more convenient to use the tasks directly.

  • Hi johan213!

    With Flic Tasks you can try the different apps and feature that could be commanded by Flic, but only using your smartphone, without the physical button (Flic). So it gives you a better understanding of how you can use some of the apps and features once you have your Flic :)

    Give it a try! Test it with Share Location and follow the instructions below:


    1. Select Tasks in the top bar
    2. Tap the “+” icon in the bottom right corner.
    3. Press on Actions
    4. Select “Share Location”
    5. Choose the message you want to accompany your location
    6. Add the phone number of the recipient you want to send your location to (remember to include your country code) (you can try to send this to your own number as a test.)
    7. Press “Add” in the top right corner.
    8. Press the back arrow in the top left corner
    9. Tap the task and you will get a text message withing a few seconds.

    Let us know what you think :)



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