Multiple Users in Household

  • I was really excited to get my Flics about a year ago, but I have barely used them since. I had them set up to control our Hue lights and Sonos system, among other things, but every time I ran into the issue that it only works if I'm home. If my partner, or our roommate (who doesn't have a smartphone), or any guests want to turn on the lights if I'm not there? What's the solution? Tough shit? Even when I tried to get my partner's phone set up with the same routines, the Flic could only be connected to one phone at a time and kept getting confused. They're nearly useless to me at this point. Anyone have similar problems, or workarounds to this?

  • Same here with the twist that our "household" is basically my wife and I, but the flics are in our 2 cars and are used to call a phone number via our phone to open the gate. Two problems we have are: 1 sometimes we switch cars, 2 flic doesn't work with Meizu phone

  • Hi Brownell.e1,

    Agreed on the sentiments. I have the flics spread across 3 mobiles. One is left near a couple of flics when the person is home so anyone can use the flic, but that isn't always the case.

    I am investigating options of setting up something like OpenHAB, connecting the flics to a home server, and allowing that to manage the actions. This will make the flics much more functional, for very much the same reasons that you have outlined.

    An alternative is something like the Logitech Pop buttons, much along the same line as the flics but has its own hub. I would much prefer to link the flics to an existing server, rather than put yet another device on the network, but it has to be easier to set up. Shortcutlabs is working on a linux agent, which works as far as connecting the flics, but doesn't go any further. Like much in the linux world, it is left for the individual to do it themselves...

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