Bug in Flic

  • As soon as the product arrived I set up Flic for navigation in Spotify during the course that I pilot my bike. It worked fine, but today, without any impact, Flic has stopped working, by the application I try to trigger the Click (Toggle) or Double Click (Next) action and the application does not work. I have already restarted the application several times, I have already restarted my cell phone, I removed the battery from Flic and inserted again and none of these attempts made it work again, it is broken. I think it's some bug, because Hold's action is working, I set it up to call my wife. You know what's going on?

  • FlicTeam

    Please contact support@shortcutlabs.com for support issues. In this case, does the Flic light up with red light when you press it or insert the battery?

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