Android: cannot receive any events

  • I just started developing a custom Android app which should receive UP_OR_DOWN events. I already registered my app in the developer portal to get access to app id and secret.

    I set up the SDK according to the Android example on GitHub.

    Grabbing the button seems to work, my app is then listed as a shared app for the button in the FLIC app button overview.

    BTW do I need to confirm this sharing there? I can only see a "RELEASE" button, which seems to delete the sharing link again.

    Anyway no events seem to be delivered to my app. I registered a Broadcast receiver, extended FlicBroadcastReceiver, and have overriden onRequestAppCredentials() and onButtonUpOrDown(), just like in the docs.

    But no events are received.

    I also tried your example app on Github, same result: no events received.

    What could be wrong?

  • FlicTeam

    Hi. I assume you called the "registerListenForBroadcast" method?
    Is logcat showing any errors?

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