Bluetooth range for Hub?

  • What kind of range do you expect to get with your Hub solution?

    I don't have a large home, but I invested in another bluetooth temperature sensor /motion sensor solution recently, and I am now seeing the foley of it. With sensors in my attic, basement, and garage ... add walls/ceiling/floor signal blockers = sensors constantly dropping out and not reporting in.

    1. Can you have multiple Hubs in a home?
    2. Do you have any lower cost range extender add-ons for the Hub in mind to create more of a mesh/repeater solution?

  • This is a big deal. 3,000 s/ft home and I can’t accommodate multiple flic buttons due to lack of range and wall interference.

    There needs to be a way to mesh the buttons together to act as repeaters to increase the range of my hub.

    Right now hub range maxes out at 30 ft.

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