Flic HUB external IR requests

  • Hey Flic Dev team! I'm wondering if the Flic Hub will expose the IR accessory to third party integrations. I use my Flics to trigger actions, but I make conditional decisions based on other environmental factors. I'd love to be able to make calls to the IR accessory from other solutions. Thanks!

  • IR commands can be numerous, sometimes in sequence so more than controlling everything through a button, it could be easier to control it through an assistant in some cases.
    As mentioned IFTTT would be a great way to expose the IR provider as an action in IFTTT (or through a virtual flic buton if that makes things easier)

  • Could we access the IR service and local speaker functions from something like IFTTT ?

  • FlicTeam

    We haven't completed the IR feature yet so we are open to suggestions. Could you tell more in detail how you would like it to be? Like "decisions based on other environmental factors"?

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