Why can't I use IFTTT.com in Flic Tasks/Action Chains?

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    This was posted back in July 2016, but since nobody bothered to respond at all, and it's still an issue, I thought I'd reply as a new topic.
    I have this question also:

    We can use IFTTT.com in Flic Actions, but not in Flic Tasks (AKA "Action Chains").
    Why the asinine hell is that, precisely?
    In addition to not bothering to have nearly a quarter as many integrations as IFTTT, and in addition to having an incredibly unintuitive and crappy integration WITH IFTTT, I'm about $350 worth of annoyed about how I have to create a separate chain of events for every gorram sort of click on every consarn flic I own.

    I know I could use the Maker channel on IFTTT and use the Action Chain's REST API call function to call it, but that's slow, and at that point I'd really rather just use an Amazon IoT button or literally anything else just to spite Flic for this crap integration job they did, and for not even bothering to answer the last feller who asked this question.

  • Your IFTTT integration is horrible. Just simple IFTTT actions (do x when I double click button) takes up to an hour to work IF it works at all. I'm having to leave Flic, unfortunately because of the mess. Even the IFTTT recipes show it SHOULD work within an hour
    .. AN HOUR. So disappointed. Notice the one hour message in IFTTT in pic attached.!0_1506228779054_Screenshot_20170923-195029.png

  • FlicTeam

    It seems you would benefit from using IFTTT "tags". That way you can assign many flic a single tag and then in IFTTT's interface you can create an applet when buttons with a specific tag is pressed.

  • FlicTeam


    We haven't added Flic Tasks to IFTTT because that would a require a separate IFTTT channel since the technical implementations from us are so different. That would confuse a lot for Flic users. Besides, we haven't seen any need for it. If you want to run IFTTT actions from your phone, you're better off using the IFTTT app.

    It would be great if you could specify what is crappy about our IFTTT integration? IFTTT has some limitations, e.g. our app can't currently see which applet the user assigned to a specific button. We are working with them to be able to provide that.

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