Can Flic be used for forwarding x minutes in an iOS podcast player?

  • Dear Swedes of Flic!

    Being a neighbouring Norwegian you know we need a little help to grasp the obvious. :)

    I'm trying to set up my Flic for safer driving, making it skip 1 or 2 minutes forward every (skipping commercial breaks) on my favorurite podcast player (Downcast).

    I've seen mentions of iOS Global Music Control in here, but can't seem to find that on the app. Likewise, the Apple Music trigger wants me to select an audio track, neither a likely correct path to go.

    Can Flic be set up to skip ahead on any, or a given iOS player?

    Still unwrapping the potential of the Flic, happy for any help!


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    alt text
    Guide: Convert Apple Music and iTunes Podcast to MP3

  • Here is my version. 0_1506318240977_C0296454-3947-4723-9090-038175AA4BA1.jpeg

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