Why did you choose Flic?

  • I'm betting most of you guys have completely different reasons for choosing Flic than I do, and I'm interested in hearing why and how you've chosen to implement your solutions!

    I chose Flic as my IoT button of choice specifically because they have low-latency, great toolings via the SDK, and if you use the phone app, a lot of connections into various home automation products and phone apps.

    My specific setup uses Flic buttons tied to various Raspberry Pis around the house (until the Flic Hub ships from Indiegogo in October) which send web requests to one of the Raspberry Pis running LIFX and WeMo controller apps.

    You can read more about the setup and the specific problems I wanted to solve here:
    Controlling IoT Devices with the Flic of a Button

  • i really only have one primary use for flic. i have the button mounted on my motorcycle and i can use it while i am in motion and when i am wearing gloves. i video record my entire ride and with so many video files and hours of footage at the end of the day/week, it is difficult to know where to go back to if i want to check on something; it's hard to remember when and where. one click and i send myself a note containing the long/lat/datetimestamp; armed with a list of events, i can narrow it down and make it easier to review files at the end of the week.

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