Flic, Raspotify, Raspberry Pi

  • Just getting a raspberry pi set up with raspotify, works well as a spotify connect device from my iphone when my UE boom is connected to the pi. All good. Raking out some flic I haven't used in a while (the indiegogo black and white ones) I note that with the spotify beta flic action, I can play playlists and start and stop tracks etc. Very sweet. However I have problems. Using the flic to start a playlist, control output etc. plays on my phone and doesn't interact with the spotify client app on my iphone and so doesn't play through the boom on the pi. I'd really like to use the flic to tell spotify to use my raspberry pi raspotify device and play through the boom? Any advice? Thank you. UPDATE: Curiously this does work with the mac osx flic app I just found which is workable.

  • FlicTeam

    Hi Craig,

    Glad you got it working. Spotify's mobile apps are tricky to work with for sure.


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