error while launching the FlicSDK.exe on Windows 10

  • Hello,

    I want to use the flic button on my PC windows and I just updated the windows 10 to the lastest version, the server FlicSDK.exe can't find the flic button, there is always the error "WizardFailedTimeout", but on my another pc Windows 10, it doesn't have the same problem, so I want to know the server application FlicSDK for windows has a preferred environnment ?
    Do you have the source code for the FlicSDK.exe ?


  • FlicTeam

    It should be fixed now.

  • We would be interested in a fix as well and hope that you can find the time for it.

  • FlicTeam

    Microsoft has made some breaking changes in newer Windows versions, so unfortunately now the FlicSDK.exe doesn't work :/
    When we have time soon we will fix it.

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