What happened to Logitech Harmony support?

  • I've had a flic by the door that turns of my Phillips hue lights, turns off a few Wemo switches and commands my Harmony hub to power off the audio system etc. Now with flic hub, I'm expected to go into the harmony app and do that manually? And going through IFTTT just doesn't seem right. Any plans on adding back support for the Harmony hub? Oh yeah, great to finally have the flic hub, unfortunately, this seems like a few steps backward.

  • FlicTeam

    Harmony Hub support will be added to the next firmware update of the Flic Hub. It should be available next week.

  • Same for me. I have to keep one flic button connected to an iPad to switch my Harmony activities using the old flic system... That's not what I expected buying the hub... (sorry for bad english, I'm in France)

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