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  • Hi,

    It seems that http requests don't work with Flics linked to Flic Hub.
    I'm trying to use Flic and http requests to control Volumio with its API.
    The API calls work with virtual Flic but not with the Flics connected to the Hub.
    Anyone was able to use http requests with the Hub ?


  • FlicTeam

    @theo I think you need to add the http:// prefix to the url.

  • I am having a problem with the FLIC. I am using an internet request to push a letter to a windows based pc. The url is but when I test it on the the PC it is not responding. Note the HUB and Windows PC are on the same network. How do I resolve the issue or how do I get it working?

  • Same issue -

    local request works on phone but the exact same set up fails on hub.... really annoying.

  • FlicTeam

    @ap-iotbutton That means that TLS certificate validations are skipped, which should only be used for self-signed certificates that the system normally doesn't trust. Can you please tell me the domain name of the website you try to connect to, so we can check if a root certificate is missing?

  • Guys, I found the solution.

    No need to add any HTTP headers.

    Just uncheck the slider button at "Validate Certificates" at the bottom of the Internet Request page, then your Http requests will work.

  • So with some pointers from Emil at Flic support, HUB works if we adopt Authorization: Basic base64. I would comment that iphone/iPad and FLIC combination seem to work either way.

    It was not obvious to me initially how to do this in the FLIC app ... so for anyone else wrestling with this ...

    • in FLIC app under your chose Hub, select the Internet Request"Hub Action"

    • add your URL which for me was http://192.168.1.nnn:80/api/sceneControl?id=nnn&action=start to run a scene on my home automation box (Fibaro HC2).

    • stick with GET http method (in my use case)

    • under the HTTP headers (Optional), set up basic authentication i.e. type "Authorization" in the Key field of the app

    • encode your "user:password" string using base64 (I used base64encode.org for online base64 encoding)

    • Prefix the encoded string with "Basic " including a trailing space

    • "Basic YWRtaW46YWRtaW4NCg==" is encoded "admin:admin" as an example. Key or paste all of this into the Value field in the FLIC app

    • Press the INSERT button on the right hand side below the key/value fields. You should then see this header line with a delete symbol (red circle white bar).

    • Press DONE to ensure all saved away

    It should work now - check your user:password encoding as first trouble shooting and/or check you HTTP verb - GET, POST depending on your target system protocols.

    Hope that helps someone else get there quicker than me.

  • I'm having the same issue. Very disappointing. It's not trying to send the HTTP requests THROUGH flic as a service, is it? That would be really silly.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Well I have only inconsistent behaviour. I can pair flic to iphone and set up a simple HTTP via Internet Request.

    Configruation is straightforward. It is GET with http://user:pwd@192.168.1.nnn:80/api/sceneControl?id=544&action=start

    This works fine and triggers the scene on my Fibaro HC2 automation box.

    EXACTLY the same configuration to different FLIC button paired with the hub ... no repsonse, no error indication, no activity.

    Any pointers on what to try next ... at a loss on what I've missed. HUB not seeming like a market ready product to me at the moment!

  • I’ve just tried controlling a smart socket via http from the Hub and it’s working great.
    It’s a Kk-sp3 socket and I had to hsck it a bit to get HTTP access but .... success.
    See below settings;

  • @chris_private @bambi2000 @florian

    I am having no luck with simple HTTP from FLIC HUB to local target - a Fibaro home automation box to start a simple scene http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:80/api/scenes/538/action/start.

    There is no indication of the failure point - do we have access to any logs or more detail on the hub? The level of documentation for this is pretty appalling - point me at something if I have missed it please!

  • Same here... I did a quick test by spinning up a Docker container on my machine that logs all incoming requests and configured the Flic Hub to send the requests to that container.

    The results are: Flic hub has no problems with sending requests to IP addresses, but requests sent to hostnames or FQDNs won't arrive at their destination (in this case the Docker container).

    For me this workaround of using IP addresses is fine, because I will trigger scripts of my Home Assistant in my local network, so I can use the according IP address.

    But this should definitely be fixed for domains / hostnames!

  • Same experience here. Pasting all the field values into an Internet Request on af Flic controlled by my phone works perfectly, but the exact same field values pasted into a Flic controlled by the hub does not work. And there is no indication of what went wrong.
    (App version 3.1.0, hub firmware 1.2.0)

  • Hi,

    I'm only just getting started, but my Flic Hub is successfully sending off HTTPS-requests for button events. I'm sending GET/POST/PUT/DELETE to my own server and it's working fine, and very quickly.

    Have you confirmed the Hub has internet access? Could you try with another URL endpoint to verify the requests come through?

    The only issue I have right now is that there's nothing useful included in the request. I can manually add headers and body-data, but it would make life much easier if the button-id was included in all requests per default.

  • @arnaud-perray
    i can agree with you... - the http-request will not work.
    If i test it on the client on my mac all works fine.
    but on the hub (all the same values) execution will not work.
    also there is no http-response on the hub-app so it makes it very difficult to find the issue.


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