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  • I got my Flic Hub today and am so excited! I had a pretty extensive configuration of flics around my room that I am trying to migrate to the hub, but have quickly realised that the features that the Hub is capable of are comparatively limited, at least so far. The main disappointment was discovering that the hub can not do the 'change configuration' action... I used this on the majority of actions from my flics so that they can perform actions in context or in an order - For example cycling between lighting scenes.
    Another missing thing for me is the ability to save and load configurations for a flic - at least within the hub, but being able to do this between hub and phone would also be amazing.
    Please tell me that there are plans to include these features at some point soon?!

  • @anton Two months on, any news on this feature?

    I'm postponing my hub purchase until I know it is either available or at the very least imminent.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @nic-beavis
    I found out how to.
    Hub / Settings

  • Just got my Hub yesterday so I'm exploring the features.
    Is there any way to dim or turn off the Hub's power LED ?

  • FlicTeam

    It is on our list, but I can not comment on a release date. Right now we are working hard on adding more features to the hub (as well as fixing any bugs that may arise during this initial release phase). We will have a Hub release coming out soon that adds more actions, but the Change Configuration action will not be part of that release.

    Hopefully we will get to it soon though.


  • Oh man. I hope that the 'change configuration' feature comes, too - I use it every day!

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