Flic Hub & Wink Shorcut

  • Hi ,

    I previously had used Flic first generation and I just recently purchased the Flic Hub.

    I’m having and issue creating IFTTT applet ( Flic & Wink shortcut)
    My goal is to use the Flic button to the open the door ( through Wink Shortcut).
    In my wink apps - I have created 4 shortcuts.

    Once I’m in IFTTT apps to create the applet. I could only see 1 wink shortcut to choose instead of 4 wink shortcuts ( missing wink shortcut ).

    Waiting for your respond and solution.

    Thank you .


  • @emil
    Thank you !! It works now ( FLIC & WInk option available)

  • @alginon
    I did not use IFTTT to link with WINK ( I could not see the wink shortcut that I created in wink )
    I just trigger the button directly from flic apps with wink.

  • @yang-anda Same issue with ifttt. Flic is connected but not triggering any action. Any ideas?

  • FlicTeam

    I guess your problem is rather related to IFTTT and Wink than Flic? Anyway, we will add Wink support to the Flic hub in a couple of days so stay tuned :)

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