Get flic button name (Android)

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    while I in general got everything working on Android, it seems there is no option to get the name of a flic button the user set. Am I just overlooking something? I want to show the user within my app which buttons are linked to what actions, but just using the mac adress (or the closest thing to something human readable is the "name" extra in the Intent object during grabbing of the button but even that is just the bluetooth name and not what the user did set) is not really user-friendly.

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  • FlicTeam

    @domas Thanks for that info. I just found that we created a bug when we refactored the app in the beginning of January that makes getName() always return null... We'll fix this in the next Flic app release.

  • I can't seem to retrieve the names of flic buttons. My app has two buttons connected and both has the name of null. They do have correct colors and differentiating IDs but getName() is null. Any solutions to that?

  • Well for others looking, seems like I found it


    which is actually quite obvious, but it just isn't listed in the online javadoc:

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