All actions GONE after updated app!!

  • Hey! A little bit peeved right now. Your app updated, for the Hub thingy I guess. But now ALL my buttons and actions are GONE! For real?! Also I have to see the ADD HUB page every time I open the app! I do not own one, so unless you plan to send me one I dont want too se that page. I want my buttons back!!

  • Thank you for quick answer, but it did not help me at all. First of all, of course it causes trouble when one has to redo every single action on every single flic. And it doesnt help in getting me to feel comfortable with using it. We are planning to use the flics in our stage productions for triggering things in our show. Thankfully this happened now and not in one week when our premiere is but it still kills our very precious non-existing time having to redo everything for an update I do not need. The plan was to buy several more flics, but if this happens again, whats the point?

    And for us without hubs, landing on the hub page steals even more time and it is in my thinking very strange to put a system that fewer people will use contra one or a few single flics, as the first page. Not very user friendly.

  • FlicTeam

    Sorry for that. Something must have gone wrong in the migration of the data during the app update :/
    We have tested it a lot on our side before release but for some reason something must have gone wrong in your case.
    I hope it will not be too much trouble to simply add everything back as it was.

    Regarding the first page, we decided to keep the hub page the default one, because we don't want people who have the hub to accidentally pair the Flics they might have bought together with the hub, to their phones. Keeping the hub page the first one hopefully minimizes that risk.

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