Hub & Button Latency

  • I have the hub set up with three flic light buttons. There is a 10 to 15 second latency from pressing each flic to to lights coming on. The flics are controlling WeMo switches. After several presses, the latency disappears until after some time of no use, then the delay comes back.

  • Thank you for your response. The latency was between the button and the hub. We use WiFi. I deleted the hub in the app and started over and the latency has disappeared. Working well now.

  • FlicTeam

    Hi. Is it latency between the button and the hub or the hub and the WeMo? You should be able to see that by looking at the LED of the hub since it blinks when you press the Flic button.
    Also do you use Ethernet or WiFi? If you use WiFi then maybe that's the problem and you should try Ethernet.

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