HTTP 'apply default settings' and 'Flic ID' variable?

  • It really would be excellent if an HTTP request identified the button being pressed. Even if it were by exposing a variable that we could drop into the body by default $ID - so that setting up an HTTP request to work with an external system would be relatively quick.

    An even more ideal scenario would be enabling us to save some defaults for quick insertion via a 'Apply defaults' button. For example, a url ( a default port (8080) a default route (/flic) a default method (POST), a default content type (application/json) and then a body template (so we can put in a Key and $ID variable value), would make bringing new buttons into commission so much easier.

  • Excellent news, thanks @Emil
    I initially intended to migrate my Flic buttons slowly from my RPi to the hub, but after I accidentally corrupted my Sqlite db containing the flic mappings, it was a rush to get them up and running completely via the hub! Have to say the process was quicker than the SDK ;-)

    Given the connection and responsiveness of Flic is far greater with the hub, even if the hub isn't doing any actions itself, it's a brilliant upgrade for Flic owners. That being said, half my Flics are operating in the hub actions

  • FlicTeam

    Hi. We are both working on a "copy config" feature, as well as including the button's serial number in a HTTP header, so stay tuned.

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