Actions in Flic Hub

  • The Hub does not seem to support Actions. This is quite annoying because it really restricts, what Filc could do.
    I.e. a button at the main door which turns off all supported devices like Sonos, Hue lights and the receiver by IR.... How could this be implemented without the existance of actions?
    As the app supports actions, I assume this will come to the Hub as well. When?

  • @emil Wow.... I really did not get that. It works. :-) THANKS!

  • FlicTeam

    Sorry but I don't follow. What is the restriction? Have you tried simply to assign all the actions you want to a single button? All actions will then be triggered in sequence.

    "Tasks" in the phone app is primarily meant to be used as shortcuts in the notification bar as "virtual flics".

  • @arjen I obviously meant "Tasks" and not Actions :-)

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