Latest version of Flic not working with Tasker

  • Since the latest version of Flic that introduces the Hub features that was released on the 12 of June I found Flic isn't working with tasker anymore. I can hear the "ding" when the button is pressed but no action. If I assign a simple action outside of tasker directly in the app then it works fine.

    I notice in the "providers" list in the Flic app that under Tasker it says "Install tasker to activate this plugin" however tasker is most definitely installed. Did something break?

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  • @emil - do you know when the latest bug fix will be released to Google Play? I am unable to use my Flic buttons because of the Tasker bug - I am being very patient! The last update appears to have been released in August.

  • Same problem with tasker profiles using Flic plug in, every time i reboot my phone i had to configure each one again

  • FlicTeam

    @benkloester Hi. We have fixed the bug with Tasker. The fix will be included in the next app release.

  • I've been experiencing this problem too - Flic stops working with Tasker unless I go back into the profile, edit the Flic context, and save it. I havr to this every couple days it seems -it's massively annoying.

    Do Flic staff read this forum? Is anyone fixing this bug? I only bought Flic so as to use with Tasker, I will definitely be writing a bad Amazon review if I have to keep suffering this bug - it makes them basically worthless for my purposes.

  • I found a good solution (actually a work-around) for this problem:

    I just export the task I want to trigger into a standalone app. Then you 'launch app' in flic.

    Flic should maybe turn the process around for tasker integration? You can make widgets from tasks, so instead of configuring the flic in tasker. You could configure tasker in flic?

  • Spoke to soon. Flic did not react yesterday. Had to do the re-selection proecedure in tasker again.

  • Seems like the last update fixed this. Had to re-pair the Flic to the phone, which took a few attempts. Looks good so far.

  • I got a reply :

    Hi! Sorry about the late reply due to vacation times.

    The reason this stopped working was due to a big change we did under the hood, we have a few things that we still have not been able to fix but after the android team is back from vacation we will take a look at this!

    Sorry about this, there has simply been so much to do so we had to priotitize our core features and we are still catching up on a lot of things.

    Oskar Öberg

  • @schenk-sven Exactly my findings too! I hope they'll fix it soon! I've got 2 in my car for gps/music/audible and so on. They are all linked trough tasker since they dot more then just open up the apps. Every time I get in my car now I configure them again...

  • For me the tasker profiles using the flic plugin seem to "forget" the flic they are coupled with: I usually have about 21 hours since I pressed the flic the last time. This seems to be enough time for the plugin to not work any more.

    However, I found that "just" going to the flic plugin in tasker and re-selecting the button and action, then closing all of tasker's windows, will reactivate the profile/plugin.

    Of course it would be great if that would not be necessary. It worked before, so there must be a fix. I agree that the version that brought the Hub features was probably the one that broke the plugin.

  • This seems to be the case every couple of updates. I've had it before too and it always dissappeared after the next update.

    You can remake the profiles in tasker and then it works again, temporarily at least. I think it breaks again when you reboot your phone.

    Very inconvenient... To say the least. I've got 8 around the house and in the car and after the update they become useless... Then I keep remaking the profiles...

    Something has to be done!

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