How To Get Flic To Interact with IFTTT

  • Re: How to choose IFTTT recipe for Flic Button

    Brand new to Flic, and not too smart with IFTTT, either. I want my Flic to trigger a Home Automation event through my HomeSeer. But apparently that is not currently a Flic provider. So I can go through IFTTT, right? Wrong. I have the applet all ready in IFTTT, and I have tied it to "White Flic clicked once." When I try it, nothing happens.

    In the Flic, I press "Click" then "Tools" then "IFTTT." This takes me to...something, but I can't find where you actually tie in to your IFTTT applet. It lets you "Read More", but that says...

    "To use it, simply make an account on, and find the Flic user." What Flic user? I'M the Flic user! "...tell the user what Flics to listen for." Where???

    Then you can "include location", that's a slider selector, and finally "Save Action" , which is your put-away key. But there's nowhere to DEFINE the action you want to take!

    What am I missing here?

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