Trigger Video Playback on Ipad?

  • Hello everyone, i am looking for a way to trigger a (local) video to be opened and played on an ipad once a flick button connected to it is pressed.

    Any ideas? I don't get VLC player to work - i have to enter an IP address for a (remote) devices i want to address. Or am i missing something?

    Only thing i managed to get working was to playback a youtube video in a browser widow - which of course is not what i am looking for (not fullscreen, not local - however local would not be mandatory).

    Many thanks for your help!!

    With kind greetings from Germany, Wolfgang

  • You can follow this tip to play iTunes movies on ipad. all you need is an m4v to mp4 converter

  • FlicTeam

    Our VLC action is mainly to control VLC players on (other) computers.
    Due to iOS limitations, it is not possible to launch another app from the background, so your suggestion is impossible.

  • I am trying to do the same. For me the VLC player doesn't work either...
    Does anyone have a suggestion?

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